What Adele Stands For

Adele’s priorities are environmental protection, gender equality, grass roots democracy and participation, social justice and indigenous rights.

Adele in the Legislative Assembly in 2009 with the Speaker, the Hon. Grant Woodhams MLA

Adele’s voting record in Parliament:

Adele tended to support the Labor opposition in Parliament, but at times stood alone on important matters.

Adele was the only MP in the Legislative Assembly during her term:

(1)   to vote against the controversial stop and search laws when they were first introduced (they were ultimately stopped with the support of the Nationals in the Upper House);

(2)   to vote against the Cockburn Cement licence, due to the negative health impacts on local residents; and

(3)   to call on the Government to stop logging our native South West forests

On Fremantle issues, Adele focused on:

(1)  keeping bulk minerals out of the Fremantle Port – examples of this were Magellan Lead (lead carbonate) and  Cazaly (Iron ore);

(2)  getting more containers on rail and off roads in Fremantle

(3)  supporting women’s groups, including Freo based community midwifery

(4)  keeping our Fremantle Hospital open;

(5)  plans for a southern light rail link for the new Cockburn Coast plan;

(6)  funding for Fremantle public schools;

(7)   protecting the built heritage and human scale of the Freo CBD;

(8)  funding for the unsafe Fremantle traffic bridge and the High Street upgrade

(9)  funding for the Arts in Fremantle