South Fremantle Urban Forest

It’s time to deal with the 20 hectare former South Fremantle Tip Site which has sat in the ‘too hard’ basket since it stopped receiving waste in 1986.

Due to the type of waste, including industrial and quarantine waste, it’s not suitable to be developed for housing. The site is a registered contaminated site and it sits without a buffer zone next to new homes in South Beach Estate and South Fremantle (see map below.)

Adele says “The site needs to be capped with clean fill to bury the surface rubbish and contamination which includes asbestos . Once the site has been safely capped, it could be planted up with native trees and plants to create an Urban Forest. This could become a sanctuary, a place for future people to enjoy. We need to invest in wild places. This is a long term proposal and it will take patience and collaboration to make it a reality. If we get this right, people in 20 years time will be grateful we did it.


The 20 hectare former South Fremantle Tipsite operated between 1931-1986 accepting domestic, industrial and hazardous waste. It also accepted quarantine waste, which means that any remediation plan would require approvals from local, state and federal governments. Various development proposals over the years have been raised (Pindan, solar farm etc) but the contamination issues have been too great to overcome.

15 Nov 2019:

16 August 2019:

Click link below for report from our community scientists Kelly Duckworth & Lee Bell which contains a history of the contamination at the South Fremantle Tip site:

South Fremantle Tip site – location of the new proposed Urban Forest