Rate Rises Again!

Rates continue to rise in the City of Fremantle.

The City of Fremantle advertised it was going to raise its rates by 3.25%.    

Despite the fact that all of the residents who made a submission called for the rates rise to be halted, Fremantle Councillors went ahead and  voted to raise rates by 3.95% at its full Council meeting on 23 June 2021.  This rise was well above CPI (1% for Perth March 21 quarter). 

This decision shows how out of touch this Council is – many in the Fremantle community are currently struggling with job losses, under-employment, increased costs of living and mental health issues associated with Covid 19. 

Mayoral candidates Hannah Fitzhardinge and Frank Mofflin supported the rates rise of 3.95% for 2021/22 and Marija Vujcic missed the vote.

Hilton Ward Councillor Sam Wainwright was the only Councillor to vote against the rate rise.