Adele acknowledges the Whadjuk people as the traditional owners of the greater Fremantle/ Walyalup area and recognises the importance and endurance of their cultural and spiritual beliefs.

For an interesting discussion on indigenous history around the Fremantle/Walyalup area click on the link below:

Indigenous Rights
Indigenous Australians are one of the oldest living cultures on the planet. Australian colonisation has caused injustices to Indigenous Australians through the dispossession of their land, territories, resources, culture and spiritual traditions. The rights of indigenous peoples are enshrined under International Declarations. Indigenous cultures contribute an immense wealth of knowledge and understanding about the Australian environment and the strength and resilience of ancient and ongoing cultures. Adele supports and promotes the self-determination of Western Australian Indigenous peoples and the protection of their sacred sites, cultural and spiritual heritage, economic independence and their rights to equality in education, health, housing and employment.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is a fundamental human right and is recognised by the United Nations. Gender equality means that women and men have the same opportunity to realise their full potential and human rights. They can equally contribute to and benefit from economic, social, cultural and political developments. Society advances its highest self when the rights of women and children are protected. Unfortunately WA has the largest pay equity gap in Australia. Adele supports and promotes the status of women in WA and the protection of their fundamental role as mothers and carers in our society. She supports affirmative action policy and legislation to reverse the pay equity gap in WA.

Adele supports the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer/Questioning) community in its quest for equality and equal opportunity.

Grassroots Participatory Democracy
Grassroots Participatory Democracy recognises the rights of all citizens to engage in decision-making on issues that affect their lives. It acknowledges the benefits to society and governance structures that a ‘collective knowledge’ can provide. Public participation enshrines this fundamental human right and is upheld by a number of international treaties for which Australia is a signatory (Rio Declaration, Bahia Declaration, Conventions on human rights and disability). Adele supports and promotes opportunities for civil society to engage with government and decision- makers particularly on issues of environmental justice, social justice, indigenous rights, environmental protection and gender equality.

Environmental Justice
It is a basic human right to live in a clean and safe environment. Climate change is upon us, the consequences are here and we must act now to strive for long term mitigation and adaptation strategies to limit global warming.  The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) released its 6th report on 9 August 2021 warning of the dire consequences if we fail to transition our economy and society to limit warming.

Environmental Justice seeks to eliminate the inequitable distribution of pollution and hazardous, high risk industries in vulnerable communities. Environmental justice requires that citizens have a role in the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws and regulations of their natural and urban environments. It also requires that the community receives equally in the share and distribution of any economic benefits, particularly host communities, from polluting, high risk facilities. Adele supports WA communities seeking environmental justice and promote opportunities for WA citizens to participate in the decisions that affect their health, well-being and environment.

Social Justice
Internationally recognised human rights are the cornerstone of a democratic society. Citizens have a right to freedom, justice and peace and the pursuit of these principles, regardless of age, gender, culture, class, race, sexuality or nationality. Environmental and economic sustainability, gender equality, ethnic and cultural diversity and support for immigrants fundamentally underpin a socially just society. Adele supports and promotes social justice in WA and an end to all forms of discrimination.