New Fremantle Traffic Bridge

The 4 traffic bridge options presented by the Government in August 2021 failed to incorporate the common sense best-case scenario for North Fremantle residents that will actually deal with the traffic congestion once and for all.  All 4 proposals ignored the needs of North Fremantle and lock in avoidable traffic chaos for future generations.

The best-case solution is to extend Curtin Ave next to the passenger rail line to Tydeman Road and then build the new bridge west of the rail line so as to keep this traffic out of the residential area of North Freo.

Traffic Chaos during construction

The construction phase of the proposed new Fremantle Traffic Bridge will cause additional traffic chaos in North Fremantle for years. The current proposal requires the decommissioning of the existing wooden bridge BEFORE the new bridge can be built. Where is the Traffic Impact Assessment Report associated with this new bridge?

The four bridge proposal presented by the State Government lock in traffic congestion in North Freo for future generations. There really is only one sensible solution for North Fremantle:

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