Missed Opportunity for Town Square

Even after the Admin Centre was demolished in October 2018, the Fremantle Society ran full page ads in the Herald calling on the Council not to sign the $50 million Pindan deal. We suggested reinstating the historic Town Square, like beautiful Town Squares in Europe – they don’t put Admin Centres on them!

I posted this to Face Book on 19 January 2019. The following month the Council signed the Pindan contract which has now taken us over a financial cliff.

What’s interesting about the aerial shot is that it shows the Queensgate Centre already demolished and replaced and the former Myers Building being refurbished. Sirona had already secured the Dept of Housing with its 1,600 workers and pressed ahead with its development (a deal that I had secured with the Barnett Govt in 2012 when I was Member for Fremantle).

Fremantle Council has maintained since the start that its new Admin Building needed to be built as part of the Sirona redevelopment at Kings Square. The simple facts are that Fremantle Council was yet to commit to the $50 million contract with Pindan, while Sirona had pushed ahead with its development regardless. All Sirona needed was to secure the Queensgate Centre building from the City of Fremantle in order to proceed with its project.

Clearly Fremantle Council did not need to build a new Admin Centre to ‘revitalise’ the centre – Sirona had already completed its development by 2019.

Fremantle Council has wasted an opportunity to reinstate Fremantle’s historic town square, preferring to fill the space with an Admin Building for itself.

1 February 2019: https://heraldonlinejournal.com/2019/02/01/space-for-all/