Council’s Admin Centre Debacle

The shine has well and truly come off the new Admin centre story.  It’s a white elephant sitting unfinished in the centre of town with $20 million debt outstanding (even after Council sold 3 income generating assets for $29.5 million to pay for the build – Queensgate Centre, the Queensgate Carpark and the Spicer site).   

Original Admin building demolished by Council in late 2018.

These 3 income generating assets were sold to one private company without a public tender process.   These income streams have been lost forever, along with these important assets that had accrued over generations. 

Pindan the builder has gone into Administration leaving the building unfinished.  Workers in site have said it’s a cheap build.  Council were warned not to demolish the perfectly good Admin centre it had, but it ignored the advice and now we’re left with a worst case scenario outcome.

There is a solution…

Fremantle Council was warned as far back as 2012 that this project would end in financial disaster, but the warnings were ignored.