Fremantle Chamber Orchestra

Update 23 September 2021- good news, the Council has finally agreed to the Fremantle Chamber Orchestra getting subsidised use of the Town Hall for the next 3 years. The Orchestra shouldn’t have had to fight for 3 years for this, but it’s interesting that with media pressure and elections looming, Council finally got this one sorted out!

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In 2019 the Fremantle Council stopped subsidising the Fremantle Chamber Orchestra’s (FCO) use of the Town Hall for its concerts. For 3 years it’s been making do, using other venues around Fremantle like John Curtin College of the Arts and the Naval Stores, but these venues can’t provide the acoustic quality of the Town Hall. FCO director Hans Hug has been asking for the subsided use of the Town Hall to be returned as this is the natural home of the FCO.

Adele says “I literally can’t understand this – is the Council so hard up that it can’t let the Fremantle Chamber Orchestra perform in our Town Hall? How ridiculous. We should be supporting the Arts in Fremantle.”

Adele says “We’ve already lost Deckchair Theatre, Kulcha and Harbour Theatre…We need to keep the Fremantle Chamber Orchestra here and let them use the Town Hall as of right.”