Council’s Spiraling 2021 Carbon Emissions

Despite the statements made by the City of Fremantle over the past 12 years on the need for action on Climate Change, its own track record paints a picture of complacency and inaction.

The City of Fremantle’s own figures show a pattern of rising carbon emissions, with emissions increasing a 84% since 2010 to 6,421 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent [t CO2e].

Based on data released by the City of Fremantle:

2010: 3,486 t CO2e / yr

2018: 5,203 t CO2e / yr

2020: 6,421 t CO2e / yr

In 2010 the City of Fremantle engaged independent carbon consultants Perenia to certify their emissions. Perenia estimated the City’s emissions at 3,486 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent [t CO2e]. In 2019 the City stated their emissions at 5,203 t CO2e, an increase of 49%.  The Agenda of the Council’s recent 11 August 2021 FPOL meeting confirmed the City emitted 6,421 t CO2e in the 2019/20 financial year.

During this same period the Cities of Sydney and Melbourne reduced their emissions by 25% and 31% respectively.

Adele says “Time to stop the greenwashing. Let’s get Fremantle on track to genuinely reduce its emissions, just like Sydney & Melbourne.”

City of Fremantle emissions data reference material can be found below:

Perenia Report [2010]:

[Note: When requested, the City of Fremantle refused to make an electronic copy of the Perenia report available to the public, and it was necessary to obtain this document from other sources]

FPOL Meeting Agenda [11 Aug 2021]: