Carles Calls For Alma Street Emergency Funding

Fremantle Independent MP Adele Carles has sought an urgent meeting with the Minister for Mental Health following revelations that a fifth person has committed suicide at the Alma Street Centre in the past six months.

Medical documents show mental health patient Neil Marcial, 34, was referred to Alma Street by his GP on November 3, only to be told he couldn’t be seen for more than a month. He took his life on November 22.

Ms Carles says since writing to the Minister for Mental Health, Helen Morton, a month ago, the situation has tragically worsened with two more patients taking their lives after receiving compromised care at the Fremantle Hospital.

“I am horrified that five people have died in the last six months. There are clearly serious systemic problems to which I first alerted the former Minister for Mental Health, Dr Graeme Jacobs MLA, two years ago,” Ms Carles said.

“Clearly there is a dysfunctional situation that must be urgently addressed. While an independent review of admission and discharge practices at the hospital is necessary, a wide-ranging investigation of the culture that exists at the Alma Street Centre is needed.”

“Emergency funding at the Alma Street Centre must be a priority because we cannot risk the lives and welfare of any more patients,” the Independent MP said.