Adele’s Vision

We have so much potential in Freo – the passenger terminal is here, set to deliver tourists to our doorstep, we have our historic port city, the Freo Markets and the Prison – the only World Heritage listed building in Australia… we just need to all work together to bring the love back to Freo.

Fremantle aerial photo By Chewy m at English Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5,

Fremantle has had great times. I remember 1987 and the heyday of the America’s Cup. There was a buzz in Fremantle. Fremantle was the place to meet up with friends and family. A lot has changed since then. Businesses have left in droves and the city has become rundown.

I know we can inject life back into Fremantle and bring people back if we all work together. But first we need to get back to basics. We need to sort out our finances. We need to clean things up. We need to make Fremantle an attractive and inviting place to visit.

My vision for Fremantle includes:

Re-focus on Services and Community Needs:

  • Reinstate the full CAT bus service
  • Free on-street car parking zones in CBD
  • Lobby State Government for a new homeless centre in Fremantle
  • Solar panels and air conditioning for Fremantle Markets
  • Supporting our sporting clubs and societies
  • Securing the Town Hall for the Fremantle Chamber Orchestra

A return to Sound Financial Management:

  • Openness, transparency and accountability
  • Stopping the fire sale of City car parks and buildings

Green Initiatives include:

  • Clean-fill cap the 20 hectare South Fremantle Tip Site and convert it into an Urban Forest for the benefit of future generations
  • Real climate change initiatives, including LED street lighting and Carbon Neutral federal Govt certification
  • Increasing tree canopy and plant up native verges
  • Supporting the new Containers for Change scheme and Plastic Free initiatives

Transparent and genuine Community Engagement:

  • Listening to the needs of local businesses and focusing on improving streetscapes and increasing CBD foot traffic
  • Working with the State Government on a homeless shelter
  • Collaborating with Police on anti-social behaviour