Real Action on Climate Change

The City of Fremantle needs to stop the Green Washing and start taking real action on Climate Change.

This needs to start with cutting the City of Fremantle’s carbon emissions, which have increased over the past 12 years. Council’s emissions have increased by 84% since 2009, which is simply unacceptable.

Based on data released by the City of Fremantle:

2010: 3,486 t CO2e / yr

2018: 5,203 t CO2e / yr

2020: 6,421 t CO2e / yr

To get serious about Carbon Neutrality the Council needs to focus on achieving Climate Active [formerly NCOS] certification as soon as possible. Climate Active provides the structure and processes that the City needs to follow if it has any chance of addressing its rising carbon emissions problem.

Fremantle has been certifying itself outside of this process and this has been a failure, as evidenced by the rising carbon emissions on its own account.

The quickest way for the Council to reduce its emissions is to get serious about LED street lighting. This will also save on electricity costs in the long term.