About Adele

Adele has lived at South Beach for the last 20 years and has recently moved into central Fremantle.

Adele has worked as a Federal Government auditor, a trustee in bankruptcy and a commercial lawyer.  In 2009 she was elected as the State Member for Fremantle, joining the State Parliament in Western Australia.

Sunset at Fremantle Sailing Club

Since leaving Parliament, Adele has maintained strong links with her Fremantle community and has continued to contribute to local Fremantle clubs and societies. She has worked as Treasurer for the Fremantle Society and the Fremantle Workers’ Club.  Recently Adele sat on the board of the newly formed Fremantle Park Sport & Community Centre, comprising  3 founding clubs, namely the Fremantle Workers’ Club, the Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club & the Fremantle Bowling Club.

Prior to being a politician, Adele was a lawyer who had a history of community activism in Fremantle that goes back many years. She spearheaded the campaign to Save South Beach and to stop lead contamination.

Before being elected, Adele Carles solicitor, on behalf of Fremantle residents, won a case in the Supreme Court against the State Government. The case centred on the 2005 clean-up of contaminated land at the former Lead Smelter site at South Beach. Despite the fact that there is no WA legislation securing resident’s rights, this South Beach case created new common law in WA. It established that local residents affected by decisions of the State Government have a legal right to be heard and to be afforded procedural fairness and natural justice by those State Government agencies.

Adele is a passionate advocate for the Fremantle. As a politician, she advocated on environmental and social justice  issues including climate change action, saving our native forests, women’s rights, justice for indigenous people and children’s rights.

Adele and Andrew – a journey spanning more than 50 years

Andrew and Adele, Article in Sunday Times Magazine 13 Sept 2009