I love Freo, it’s been my world for 20 years and to see it so rundown is heartbreaking.  Businesses are struggling and the town is run down. Assets built up over generations, including carparks, have been sold and the proceeds squandered. Instead of focusing on delivering services for residents, Council’s wasted $50 million on rebuilding its own Admin Centre – the ultimate vanity project!

It needs a change in direction.  With sitting councillors in the race, I’m standing for Mayor to give people the choice to vote for someone independent and experienced.

2021 09 03: https://heraldonlinejournal.com/2021/09/03/carles-plans-political-comeback/

Fremantle needs a Mayor experienced in high level negotiations who is prepared to stand up for Fremantle

As a former Member of Parliament, Commercial Lawyer, Bankruptcy Trustee and Government Auditor, I have the qualifications and experience to be Mayor.

My track record for Fremantle includes:

  • Supreme Court win for South Beach in 2005
  • Securing the extension of the Sunday trading boundary from Freo to O’Connor in 2009
  • Securing the agreement to relocate Dept of Housing Head Office to Fremantle in 2012 (1,600 workers)
  • In 2012, exposing the 2004 Engineer’s report which declared the Freo traffic bridge unsafe
  • Calling for the $230 million bridge funding in 2012
  • Stopping Magellan exporting lead carbonate

Council’s Admin Centre Debacle

This Council has made some appalling financial decisions that will haunt ratepayers for decades, including selling off many of its buildings and carparks.  The Admin Centre rebuild is a financial disaster, costing $50 million, with a $20 million debt to repay and it’s still unfinished.

There are solutions but it requires thinking outside the box. 

The ostentatious Admin Centre could be repurposed now before it’s finished, as a tourism draw card, attracting people back to Freo.

For example, it could work as the location for the new world class Aboriginal Culture Centre the Govt wants, if the Aboriginal Elders supported it.   Imagine how special it would for tourists coming off the cruise ships in Freo to be  welcomed  to country, learning about Aboriginal Culture right here in central Freo.   They would then stay for lunch and sightseeing in Freo, delivering a much-needed boost to our struggling businesses.

We need something exciting for Freo  to turn things around and now is the time to plan for the tourists that will return post Covid.  The Govt has invested big in Perth, with the new $400 million museum etc –   now its Freo’s turn.

We have so much potential to work with in Freo – the passenger terminal is here, set to deliver tourists to our doorstep. We have our historic port city , the Freo Markets and the Prison – the only World Heritage listed building in Western Australia… we just need to all work together to bring the love back to Freo.

Freo’s worth it, that’s why I’m stepping up.

Adele’s brochure and poster:

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